Parts hydraulic cylinders ISO 6020/2

czesci do iso 6020 2

     Kits are a set of all the necessary elements for the production of cylinders ISO 6020/2 (series CH and CHM). With this option, and modular actuators each customer has the flexibility to adjust the inventory of individual elements depending on the demand on the part.

     More about cylinders ISO 6020/2 (series CH and CHM) can be found on our website here, or download a catalog of these actuators.

pdf maly

     There you will find explanations on each of the symbol required to order the appropriate kit.

How to order:

     To order parts to make the actuator eg. CH / 63/45/0/200 / FA / 30C given in order for such an indication:


KC CH/63/45/0/FA/30C


KC - mounting kit
CH - series cylinder
63 - piston diameter / inner diameter of the cylinder (tube)
45 - the diameter of the piston rod
0 - the diameter of the second piston rod if there is no second piston rod is 0
FA - type fastening - front plate ME5
3 - type of braking - braking on both sides
0 - spacer sleeve - no
C - type seals - viton

     If you have questions, concerns, please contact the Design Office, which will provide comprehensive assistance: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..