Hydraulic cylinders ISO 6020/1


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                             CA                                      CAT

     Hydraulic cylinders ISO 6020/1 are made in two series: CA - standard version, CAT - version with linear position transducers serving for continuous measurement of the extension rod (stroke). The compact design is suitable for the most demanding industrial drives with working pressure up to 16 MPa. Selection of appropriate materials, manufactured checks on all cylinders and the use of advanced means of production, allows us to achieve high standards of quality, reliability and sustainability of the product. Applied seals are supplied by reputable companies, have a high quality and are easily accessible. A wide variety of seals, enables us to provide actuators for use with different kinds of working fluid, the speed, frequency and temperature.

     Integrated transmitter and the technology used for accurate and no wear, because the moving parts are not in contact with each other. These features allow the use of these actuators for use in harsh operating conditions protected against dirt and shocks provide maximum reliability and reduce maintenance inspections to a minimum. They can be equipped with analog or digital output.


Technical charateristics:

      Standard ISO 6020/1
      Nominal pressure 16 MPa (continuous operation)
      Maximum pressure 25 MPa
      Bore 40-320 mm
      Stroke up to 4000 mm
      Up to 2 rod diameter per bore
      8 mounting styles Ref. ISO: MP3 - MF4 - MF3 -MS2 -MT4 - MF1 -MF2 -MP5 (for series CAT 6 mounting styles Ref. ISO: MP3 - MF3 -MS2 -MT4 - MF1 -MP5)

in addition to CAT:

     Linear encoders with analog signal output (current, voltage) or digital (SSI, CAN-open, PRODIFUB-DP)



     Fixed or adjustable cushions
     Integrated head mounted proximity sensor
     Integrated position transducer (see series CAT)
     Air bleeds
     Rod treatment : chromed, induction hardened and chromed, nickel-chromed

in addition to CAT:

  •    Analogue output signal: 4/20 mA or 0/10 V
  •    Digital output signal: SSI or CAN-open or PROFIBUS-DP
  •    Front cushion
  •    Subplate CETOP 03/05

Mounting style:

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