Hydraulic compact cylinders type CB

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     CB series includes compact cylinder short stroke and adjustable magnetic sensors. Small size and weight make these cylinders are used mainly in the production process automation. Selection of appropriate materials, new surface treatment, checks on all cylinders produced and the use of advanced means of production, allows us to achieve high standards of quality, reliability and sustainability of the product.

      Applied seals are supplied by reputable companies, have a high quality and are easily accessible. A wide variety of seals, enables us to provide actuators for use with different kinds of working fluid, the speed, frequency and temperature.


Technical specifications:

  • Adjustable proximity sensors type SEP “Hall effect” IP67
  • Adjustable proximity sensors type SER “Reed effect” IP67
  • Nominal pressure 16 MPa (continuous operation)
  • Maximum pressure 25 MPa
  • Bore 25-100 mm
  • 4 Mounting style
  • Body extracted from full block with rear head integrated
  • New treatment of anodic oxidation
  • Improved endurance to usury and abrasion
  • Surface hardness increased to 400-600 Vickers



  • Chromed/inox AISI316 rod
  • Standard version
  • Magnetic version


Mounting style:


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